Why exhibit

Here’s eighteen very good reasons why you should include shows in your marketing plan.


Build a database
Generate quality leads
Take orders on the stand

Get on the 'Media Radar'

Generate buzz around your products
Create online discussions
Engage with trade magazines

Customer Relationships

Generate new relationships
Strengthen links with current customers
Sell new products to existing accounts

Market Research

Try out new products
Test market perceptions
See what customers really think

Channel Support

Support your resellers
Identify new distributors
Be seen as an active partner

Brand Building

Position your brand
Put a real face behind the company
Engage buyers with live demonstrations

Why do shows work?

  • Because shows are live.
    You get to see everything in real life and get immediate answers. You can touch, taste, smell, hear, ask, poke, prod and investigate.
  • Because shows are fun.
    You get to mix with all your colleagues and play with new products. You can eat, drink, watch competitions and attend free seminars.
  • Because shows are efficient.
    Bringing everyone together under one roof with their products on show is a great way to generate interest, connections and sales. It works.
  • Because people still buy from people, even if they transact online.
    We want to know who stands behind the brand. We want to discuss our concerns, get immediate answers and build a relationship of trust.
  • Because shows complement online.
    We do a lot online these days. Live events complement those activities. They put a face to the relationship and drive new business to your website and social media streams.
  • Because shows grow your business.
    The show is one of the only places where your customers are coming to find new ideas. Connect with current customers and discover hundreds of new ones. Turn leads into ongoing new business.